We are a leading company that supports the realization of decentralized next-generation global services (Decentralized transformation = DX) with a blockchain technology.

What we do

Strategic consulting

We propose ideal DX solutions for our clients through market analysis and strategic approaches from a global perspective.

Global DX

We provide one-stop support for best practices in decentralized solutions that accelerate global business transformation.

Blockchain/Web3 development

Combining our technical capabilities and extensive business experience, we build and provide blockchain services that are valuable to our clients.

Blockchain mining

We provide a total solution that supports blockchain mining in both hardware and software areas.

New release

What if business cards were designed by NFT?

NFT's business card is an innovative tool for the web3 era that increases online visibility and supports networking.

DIVER Biz can be personalized and customized with a variety of multimedia content, including images, videos, and other links, providing an environmentally friendly, unique, and new networking experience that replaces the traditional paper business card.

Business card + NFT


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